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From Afghanistan to the Olympics

Marker Volkl supporting Afghan skiers on their trail to the 2018 Olympic Games. The inaugural Afghan Ski Challenge, a unique event bringing ski racing to Afghanistan for the first time, was held in the spring of 2011.

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Mountain Run in St. Engelmar 2014

Despite weather conditions being perfect for running, more than 600€ were raised for charity by voluntary donations by the participating runners and nordic walkers...

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“Tour de Sand”: Völkl bet on CO2 reduction - beyond production measures!

Next to emission reduced and energy efficient manufacturing Völkl works to save as much CO2 as possible, also on the employees’ commute to work.

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VÖLKL obtains ISO certification for energy management systems

In early 2014, Völkl was awarded ISO 50001 certification for energy management systems for its factory in Straubing. The aim of the energy management system is to continuously enhance the company’s energy-related performance....

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Völkl “Good Practice” evaluation by EUROSIMA’s ECORIDE project

The ECORIDE program is an initiative of the European boardsport association EUROSIMA and offers all brands in this industry a chance for voluntarily evaluation of their manufacturing processes and environmental commitments. The...

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