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Tour de Sand 2015

At Völkl, sustainability and environmental protection are actively pursued. For example with the annual Tour de Sand, that is part of the "Völkl On the Move" Program. Encouraging all employees to use their bikes instead of cars to cycle to the headquarter in the area called “Sand” in the city of Straubing in Bavaria.

Because cycling is a double strike when it comes to positive effects: the environment gets polluted less while the employees improve their own health by building their fitness. So participants get to kill two birds with one stone and can even win amazing prizes with a bit of luck and enough elbow or rather calf grease. Because even though health and environment should be enough motivation in themselves, Völkl is rewarding all diligent bikers with hefty vouchers and great goodies.

Employees have five weeks to pedal as many kilometers on the clock as possible. Anyone swapping bike for car at least five times in this period is also entered to the big raffle with a chance to win a ballon ride, a visit to the Therme Erding, a massage at the Asam Spa and much more.

This was taken to heart by a total of 40 motivated bikers, who upped last year’s ante again with an overall output of 8.125 km. According to the CO2 Calculator, this means that 1.5 tons of CO2 was saved, assuming an average consumption of 7l diesel.
With his 888 km Volker Brötzenberger was the deserved forerunner of this year, followed by Johann Edenhofer with 748 km and Klaus Diewald with 510 km.  
The victory for the amount of the most cycled days was fought about in a tight neck to neck race, so the kilometer distance had to make the difference here as well, leaving Klaus Neuhierl with 450 km in 25 days as winner before Robert Müller with 225 km and Thomas Herrmann with 155 km.

The environment says thanks and we say congratulations to these remarkable achievements!

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