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At Völkl, we love the cold season and thrive in it, but we also know about the challenges that snow and cold can pose. Especially outdoors, particularly without proper gear or equipment at hand and lack of experience with such low temperatures.

Owing to the current refugee crisis in Germany and Bavaria, Völkl’s management and employees were looking for their own way to help those people.

The result was an extensive appeal for donations to all employees and team riders. Winter gear no longer in use  such as jackets, hats, gloves and bags were compiled in three in-house collection centers. And on top of every privately donated piece, Völkl added three additional products from the clothing and bags warehouses. Next to a mountain of countless individual donations, this amounted to over 5000 euros worth of new gear that was handed over to the refugee centre in Straubing (Feldkirchen).

 Much to the delight of the Bavarian Red Cross and the Straubinger Rundschau newspaper, as well as Udo Stenzel, director of Völkl Deutschland, who was quoted thankful and happy about the outcome: “No one should be cold and especially not those who are fleeing. Hence I’m very glad that so many employees and team riders in the Völkl family participated with their donations!”

So here’s a big thank you for all the donated gear, and to everyone who personally engaged and helped with the whole organsation. 

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