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Völkl help for Nepal earthquake victims

Just like the rest of the world, at Völkl we were in deep dismay when we saw the news and images from Nepal. We immediately knew that we wanted to do our share to help - just how to do so was not as easily solved, as a lot of organisations and charity projects didn’t have any means to get things over there, hence there was no use for gifted goods and other material donations.

Hence a special thanks goes out to Tanja and Anna from our Völkl Germany headquater in Straubing, who called our attention to a very special project by Stephan Keck (alpinist.at). He’s an Austrian mountain guide who is already professionally supported by Völkl Austria, so it was a natural development to support his aid program in Nepal with the whole company. On his many journeys to Nepal Stephan built up a very special relationship with this country and immediately started a huge project to help the land and the people that have grown so close to his heart.

Stephan's comment:
”On April 25th at 11:56 am local time the world in the Himalayan state changed abruptly. The earthquake with a magnitude of 7,8 MW cost more than 20.000 people their home and over 8600 lives. On my various expeditions to Nepal I learned to love this unique country and its people. A couple of friends of mine lost their lives in the earthquake and I immediately knew that I wanted to help, even though I had no idea yet what proportions this would reach. In the end we were able to send 65 tons of aid material to Nepal, for which we’d like to thank all generous donors. A lot of the partners that normally support me on the mountain showed a lot of helpfulness and did their part to make these incredible efforts possible. Of course we know that we weren’t able to help everywhere but we still hope that we will be able to give long-lasting support with our targeted measures that also include the next steps in rebuilding the infrastructure. There is a lodge in planning that will generate income to run a school and a medical ward. Apart from that it is important that traveling and tourism resume as well, to give the locals an income. It will surely take a while until Nepal has recovered from this catastrophe, but I’m also sure that our project will contribute its part.”

Völkl supported Stefan and his Nepal project with more than 300 pieces of clothing and 100 beanies.

Thank you Stephan, for making sure our support is reaching its destination!

If you’d like to support this project as well, you’ll find all details on http://www.alpinist.at/projekte/nepal-erdbeben-hilfsprojekt


Find more info about Stephan's aid-organization STEP 0.1 here: http://stepzeropointone.org

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