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Bastian Bäumer

Bastian Bäumer








Big Mountain

Date of birth





Billerbeck (NRW)


Climbing, MTB


Think first… Than let your heart decide…

Bastian Bäumer

Born in the northwest of Germany Bastian Bäumer grew up far away from anything what you could call “mountain”. One amazing winter in his hometown Billerbeck the initial step to the word of freeriding was done. On a small hill – about an altitude of maybe 200m – his grandpa saw those first steps on the two wooden slats and thought… “Hey, this boy has to go to my homecountry Austria next vacations to learn skiing from scratch.” Maybe it is this old austrian blood running through his veins, the addition to snow or just the passion that pushed him again and again to do the 850km trip nearly through the whole of Germany to the Alps as often as possible. Finally the Zillertal became his second home. And still it is…

As kid he spent most of his free time in the skateparks around in his region, the step to the alpine funparks was just a matter of time. Honestly those were not as big and perfectly in shape like now a day, but still…. Soon he decided to change the artificial to natural obstacles and went back to the roots of skiing far away from any prepared slope.

Sometimes when the temperature increases and the snow is nearly melted down, you might find him back in the terrain parks having some relaxed time on Austria’s glaciers. But trust… The next winter will come and than he’s back in the couloirs and the mellow days are out!


What is your favorite ski in the Collection?


Why do you like this ski?

Progressive, aggressive… Finally the perfect sword to cut all types of snow…

What conditions do you use this ski for?

From deep fresh pow to hardpack

What other skis in the collection do you ride?


Can you tell us a little about each pair of skis, and about what sort of conditions you use them for?

Katana goes without saying.

The Shiro as perfect pair for some mellow tree runs and massive snow fall…

What about bindings? What bindings do you use? And where do you mount them?

Marker Duke on the Katana. Makes you flexible for hiking without loosing stability and control!

Marker Jester on Shiro…

What DIN do you have your bindings on?



Favorite skier: Mark Abma

Home mountain: Zell am Ziller (Austria)

Height: 168

Ideal day in the mountains: A cold day, crystal clear air, fresh snow, some friends around. What else?!?!

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career. No special… Every reached peak…

Favorite place to ride: Zillertal (Austria)

What age did you start to ski: 7 years

What cant you live without: Passion! And milk of course….

Favorite phone App. Still using an old fashion mobile

Goals and plans: Never stop exploring!