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Deacon JR Pro

A sportive tip rocker for the ambitious on-piste race kids

Art-No.: 122471
Color: Teal / Yellow

Product Specifications



Tip Rocker


Full Sensor Woodcore


P-Tex 2100

Recommended Binding

7.0 vMotion JR

Skiing Level

Beginner, Intermediate


hard snow performance

all conditions performance

long turn dynamics

short turn agility

skier level

Powder Performance

Deacon JR Pro

When you’re not into competition but love to race this is the ski. The Deacon JR Pro is placed between the Deacon Junior and the true junior race models like the Racetiger SL R JR. It is designed for tighter or medium sized radius and offers great support to develop the right carving technique.

The woodcore tip rocker ski comes in lengths between 120 to 160cm with a premounted FDT JR binding.

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