Who we are

Since 1923 Völkl has stood for unlimited passion for skiing and making high performance products. Based in Straubing, Völkl is the largest (and one of the last remaining) manufacturer in Germany, and our headquarters is one of the most modern production facilities in the world.

Here, high-tech innovation meets traditional craftsmanship to create the most precise, highest quality, and technologically advanced skis in the world. Our team of engineers, experienced craftsmen, tinkerers, and testers-as well as numerous top athletes and uncounted victories-have made Völkl one of the biggest ski brands in the world.







OUR Vision

Progressive technologies, outstanding products and high quality "Made In Germany" are unique values of Völkl that no other brand can provide. These core values determine the way to an unparalleled evolution in skiing, no matter which category.

At Völkl, high-tech innovation meets traditional craftsmanship to create the most precise, highest quality, and technologically advanced skis in the world. We focus on constant improvement of the ski and the creation of the perfect setup to revolutionize skiing.

Brand History

since 1923
  • Milestones


    The old adage,"the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts" holds true with the Völkl company. Every one of our products combines cutting-edge technology and high quality with our boundless passion for sports and the experience and skills of the Völkl team.

  • The Dawn of Skiing


    Völkl is to Straubing what snow is to winter. The family has been based in this town in Lower Bavaria since 1875. Georg Völkl started out as a master cartwright building horse drawn wagons. His son Franz diversifies to produce boats, sleds and - beginning officially in 1923 - skis which were initially called "Vöstras"!

  • The Entrepreneur


    Franz Völkl Jr. takes the helm from his father in 1952. The third-generation boss radically modernises the whole operation. 40 years later, at age 65, he sold Völkl to the Swiss group Gregor Furrer & Partner Holding AG.

  • The Zebra-Ski


    Production ventures “off-slope”: in 1967 Völkl, known for its solid, conservative image, surprises the world with a new, revolutionary ski design: the legendary zebra pattern. The industry mocks the striped skis, the public is thrilled. The Zebra-Ski is a worldwide hit.

  • Ski Racing


    Völkl in 1970 makes its first foray into international alpine ski-racing, which soon becomes a vital force for innovation. This is the beginning of a matchless success story replete with World Cup victories, World Championship titles and Olympic medals.

    The most illustrious Völkl athletes include Hanni Wenzel, Maria Walliser, Anita Wachter, Frank Wörndl, Katja Seizinger, Brigitte Örtli, Martina Ertl, Christa Kinshofer, Hilde Gerg, Sonja Nef, Alexandra Meissnitzer, Tanja Poutiainen, and Nicole Hosp, our 2006/07 overall WC points leader.

  • Intro
  • 1923
  • 1952
  • 1967
  • 1970
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