Birk Ruud wins his first World Cup Slopestyle Seiser Alm

Birk Rudd just won his first World Cup Slopestyle event in Seiser Alm!

It was a very exciting competition for the men’s with Birk Ruud stepping up his game and landing his second run to claim victory.  

With riders such as Fabian Boesch (SUI), Colby Stevenson (USA), Oystein Braaten (NOR) and Javier Lliso (ESP) all landing their first runs with scores in the 80s,  Birk knew that he was going to have to land an impressive final run after struggling for speed and failing in his first attempts.

In his final run he put together an impressive rail line that was easily the best of the competition, before going switch left double cork 1260 double japan, left double bio 1440 mute, and right double 1620 toxic grab as he pinned it through the jump sections to earn a score of 92.91 and claimed his first career slopestyle World Cup victory.

“I’ve definitely been working really to get some good slopestyle results, but it hasn’t always been going my way,” Ruud said from the finish area after his win, “I’ve ended up in fourth place a lot of times. I don’t know, I just kept training more than an ever and now I’ve finally got (my first win). I’m super stoked.
“I’m always motivated to ski, but not too long ago I was kind of struggling a little bit with myself because there was a lot of competitions going on and I was stressing,” continued Ruud, who competes in all three of the slopestyle, big air, and halfpipe disciplines, “I didn’t really feel that I was skiing for me. But now I’ve found that happiness and I know why I ski and makes it so much better. I’m grateful for this life.”

2nd Fabian Boesch
3rd Colby Stevenson

Team Riders Oystein Braaten took 5th and Finn Bilous 10th. 

Photos: Christoffer Schach / Text Quotes Fis- Freestyle ski



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