Touristick CC

The high performance top model of the Touristick line.

Art-Nr.: 140013




Pole grip

Völkl alpine handle/greptile ultralight grip zone

Pole shaft

Carbon/Carbon, 16/14 mm, Powerlock 3.0

Pole basket

Vario powder basket, Vario tungsten/carbide flex tip

Touristick CC

The high performance top model of the Touristick line is completely made of very light, high-quality carbon tubes. The minimized weight saves power, makes handling easier and ensures optimal swing behavior - especially on long tours, these are very important advantages! Thanks to Power Lock 3.0, the length can be adjusted and non-slip locked in seconds with just one hand (variable range 110 - 140 cm). The tour-specific features include the pleasantly soft two-component handle with sweat-absorbing foam rubber as well as the adjustable, extra wide strap, which allows for the best possible grip, direct power transmission and support. The greptile ultralight grip zone below the handle is especially non-slip and comfortable and facilitates short traversing passages. Vario powder basket and the hardened tungsten/carbide flex tip bite into any terrain and conditions.

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Touristick CC

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