• How are the edges sharpened from the factory?

    All skis except FIS Race and PRO Models are like this:
    1,5 base bevel
    87,6 sidewall
    1,5 base bevel

  • How are the skis made?

    You can visit the »factory tour« on our website or subscribe for a tour in our facility in Straubing: info@voelkl.de

  • How do I store my skis correctly, especially in summer time?

    To protect your ski and take care of them, it is useful to wax them constantly. If you can not do it yourself, bring your ski to your local dealer. Further do not store your wet ski in a ski bag or similar. The same applies for summer time. Covering your ski with wax and turning down the Z-number (DIN/ISO) to the minimum will protect you ski and binding in summer time. Before starting the new winter season, make sure that the binding is adjusted by a certified dealer.

  • I am looking for a ski from a previous year and I can't find it on the actual Völkl website...

    It‘s best to search online at one of our dealers website. Also, you can ask your local dealer, they will be able to help you.

  • I have broken my ski, what should I do?

    Regarding the broken ski, please contact your local dealer at which you bought the skis. They will handle this for you.

  • What pole size do I need?

    Your forearm and bicep should make a 90 angle, when holding your pole upside down and directly under the basket.

  • Which ski is best for my needs?

    Our »ski finder« on our website will help you find the perfect ski for your needs. You can also ask your local dealer. They can also help you find your most suitable Völkl ski.

  • Which ski length is the correct one for me?

    You are best to ask your local dealer. They can help you find your most suitable length and can discuss this in detail with you.

    It can be difficult to find the right size as it depends on your skill level as better skiers normally prefer longer skis than intermediate/beginner skiers and it also depends on the model, as freeride skis should be longer than for example On-Piste slalom skis.

    As a general rule you can go from your height to the upper or lower size.

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