Tobias Windingstad


Tobias Windingstad is a young alpine ski racer who grew up in Oslo, Norway. He is half Swedish, half Norwegian because his mother is from Sweden. So he changed his nationality from Norwegian to Swedish in June 2019 and represents now the Swedish ski team. He's been skiing since he was a little kid and started his international career in 2010.


Date of birth
Slalom, Giant Slalom
Golf, climbing
Top results

> 1st place FIS GS in Wyller (NOR) 2020
> 7th place FIS GS in Wyller (NOR) 2020
> 10th place at the Australian New Zealand Cup at Coronet Peak (NLZ) 2019


1. Favorite Völkl Skis
WC Giant Slalom skis
2. What do you use this ski for?
Trying to go as fast as humanly possible.
3. Why do you like this ski?
It's fast ;)
4. Why do you like being a part of the Völkl team?
The support is in a class of its own.
5. Your Best Ski Trip you have done
Vail, Colorado

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