Andrea Filser


Andrea Filser is a german alpine ski racer who started her career in 2008. In 2012 she participated the first time in the World Cup. Since then she started 15 times in the World Cup and 91 times in the European Cup. Her biggest breakthrough in her ski career was to earn her first World Cup points. In the season 2019/20 she won 4 out of 6 races of the Far East Cup. The other two races she finished second and fourth.


Date of birth
Home mountain
Unterammergau, Garmisch
passion for skiing
Slalom, Giant Slalom
running, biking, playing the guitar, meeting friends
Top results

3 times 1st at the Far East Cup SL in Bears Town (KOR) 2020
 1st at the Far East Cup in Bears Town (KOR) 2020

First WC Placement: 2012 Levi 43. SL
Best WC Placement: 2013 Oferschwang 23. SL
World Cup starts: 9 SL / 3 GS

World Junior Championships
2013 Quebec 5. SC / 6. SL

German Championships
2018 1. SL Sudelfeld
2012 3. SL Arber
European Cup / Far East Cup
2018 Engaru 2. SL / 5. GS
2018 Sapporo 2. SL
2012 Courchevel 4. SL / 5. GS

FIS Race
1. Place: 10x SL / 7x GS
2. Place: 7x SL / 9x GS
3. Place: 10x SL / 7x GS


1. Favorite Völkl Skis
2. What do you use this ski for?
Racing, Freeskiing
3. Why do you like this ski?
Awesome feeling to become one with the snow
4. Why do you like being a part of the Völkl team?
Big honour to be on these fast Skis. Best Team!
5. How long have you been riding for Völkl?
Since 2014

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