Colter Hinchliffe


I was born in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, a little place called Aspen! I was on the hill by the age of 3 and pretty much never looked back. I was never in any sort of competitive ski program I was a freeskier since day 1 and my style shows it. As I entered my college years I opted to attend the university of Alta where the only curriculum was to ski as much powder as possible. It was there that my skiing acceled and I was able to work with some professional photographers and land my first big breaks! I always loved watching TGR films and worked my way into my first TGR film "the dream factory" while I was in Alaska spending all my own money and time and cutting my teeth in the big mountains. Since then I have traveled so much of the world skiing, climbing, camping and exploring with new people in new places. I consider my self one of the lucky ones for sure.


Date of birth
United States
Home mountain
Aspen, Colorado
Big mountain freeride
Rock Climbing! softball. fishing. camping.
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7 seasons filming with TGR, covers of Power and Skiing magazine. Appearances in other ski films.


1. Favorite Völkl Skis
Revolt 121
2. What do you use this ski for?
I use the revolt 121 for skiing big lines, hitting jumps, and skiing playful terrain in soft snow! I use the ski for touring and alpine in the same way.
3. Why do you like this ski?
It is snappy with camber underfoot but forgiving and floaty with its early rise and gentle tip shape. It isn't too heavy so it works well as a touring ski and the graphics are sick!
4. Why do you like being a part of the Völkl team?
Because the brand is built up of a bunch of skiers. The spirit of skiing is alive and well within the brand and the product shows. Always looking to develop something new and amazing with an great understanding of what skiers want and need.
5. How long have you been riding for Völkl?
I am a new team member! I was added to the team in November 2017 after a long relationship with another brand, I am much happier here!

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