Tiril Sjåstad Christiansen


I am from a small mountain village called Geilo. Two older siblings, my brother is one of the best biathloners in Norway. My sister used to be an alpine skier. Skied for the first time when i was 1,5 years old. I love to challenge myself by trying new things. Way too social and i love spending time with my friends and family between all the traveling.


Date of birth
Home mountain
Getting through tough days, thats when u get better!
Freeski/Slopestyle & Big Air
All kinds of activities
Top results

Two times Gold medalist X Games Slopestyle

Two times Silver medalist X Games,

World Cup over all winner 2016

2017/2018 Season

1st World Cup Slopestyle Mammoth Mtn CA

3rd World Cup Slopestyle Font-Romeu FRA


1. Favorite Völkl Skis
2. What do you use this ski for?
Training and competing
3. Why do you like this ski?
Its stiff, but still playful. Its the perfect ski for big jumps and parks.
4. Why do you like being a part of the Völkl team?
First of all they have the best skis. Second, they have so many good skiers and the crew is always helfpul whenever u need something.
5. How long have you been riding for Völkl?
4 years

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