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Skiing is Tom’s passion. He is trying to be on the mountain as much as possible, steering a middle way between filming and competing. He’s generating photos and videos from his trips to all kind of mountains and terrains, while still trying to compete at some major events.


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Skateboarding, mountainbiking
Top results

3rd Slvsh Cup Grandvalira

6th Playstreets 2017

6th Nine Knights Big Air 2017

1st Absolut Progression 2014

1st New Star Invitational 2013

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1. Favorite Völkl Skis
Revolt 95
2. What do you use this ski for?
I use the Revolt 95 as my everyday-ski. I use it in the park and also in the backcountry, if there is slushy conditions.
3. Why do you like this ski?
I enjoy this ski so much, because it's an excellent park-ski, that you can also use for pretty much everything else you want to do on the mountain.
4. Why do you like being a part of the Völkl team?
Volkl has one of the strongest and most diverse teams in skiing and being a part of it is a big honor for me. I like that Volkl includes the team-riders to help improve their skis.
5. What age did you start skiing? 
When i was 2 years old.

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