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Did you know that...?

... some 2000 prototypes per year are handcrafted at Völkl before a ski collection is ready to go into production?

... Franz Völkl made the first skis – called Vöstras in those days – back in 1923?

... a total of roughly 125 steps are involved in turning out a finished ski?

... a Völkl ski is made up of up to 50 different parts?

... the ski with the striking chevron (double-V) logo is marketed and sold in nearly 40 different countries?

... Völkl ranks 4th among the world's ski makers, but is number 1 in premium products?

... there's only 1 major ski manufacturer left in Germany: Völkl!


Our Plant in Straubing, Bavaria

Welcome to the World of Völkl! Our parent plant in Straubing, Bavaria is one of the most modern ski-making facilities in the world. This is a place where high tech and craftsmanship dovetail, where innovation and tradition fuse. Uncompromising skis for World Cup skiing are manufactured here – along with fine-tuned premium ski models for recreational skiing. Everything here hinges on the proverbial hundredth of a millimetre that makes the difference between a run-of-the-mill ski and a Völkl ski.

To learn more about how Völkl skis are made take a virtual peek behind the scenes at our factory; or better yet, call for a tour of our facilities (Tel. +49-9421-320-0).

I'm looking forward to your visit either way.
Helmut Jakoby, Head of Production


1 Development

After months of development work, the raw materials for the skis are purchased and warehoused.

2 Paternoster Elevator

The paternoster elevator is our intelligent storage system for bases of all widths and thicknesses.

3 Graphics

The in-house graphics department prepares the graphics for printing.

4 Screen printing

The skis are printed using up to eight color coats in a screen printing process or... 

5 Digital printing

…using digital printing. All processing is handled in-house using cutting-edge machinery. It's also possible to combine the two printing methods! 

6 Wood core

Our modern wood milling machine shapes the vertical and horizontal profiles for the wood cores with millimeter precision 

7 Inlays on bases

State-of-the-art cutters apply extremely fine motifs into the bases. Cut-in elements are applied to the ski by hand. 

8 Sandwich construction

Each individual component is positioned in a sandwich construction and moistened with resin…

9 Ski press


…to be sent to 'bake' in the ski press for 36 minutes at 100° C and 9 bar of pressure. At this point the raw ski is finished. 

10 Shaping line

The raw ski is given its contours by the CNC milling machines on the shaping lines. 

11 Grinding line

The base runs through the grinder several times until it is store-ready. Diamond-ground edges guarantee top quality. 

12 Rail check

Each rail is subjected to a technical check. The test results are logged and archived. 

13 Pairing

Another technical process is conducted to measure each ski's flex value. This helps identify suitable pairs of skis with identical values. 

14 Mounting of tip caps

A tip cap is mounted to protect the ski

15 Final check

Each ski is run through a start-to-finish visual and technical check before being packaged. Only skis that satisfy this test receive the Made in Germany seal of approval.