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The subsequent award with the SILVER EcoRide Label from the Eurosima confirms our extensive efforts and aspirations when it comes to environmental protection.

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Greenroom Voice Eco Rating for Völkl GOOD once again

Once again Völkl’s commitment to sustainability was rewarded by the Greenroom Voice Eco rating, receiving the label GOOD. Efforts and improvements in packaging and energy efficiency are currently expanded and extended to...

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Völkl “Good Practice” evaluation by EUROSIMA’s ECORIDE project

The ECORIDE program is an initiative of the European boardsport association EUROSIMA and offers all brands in this industry a chance for voluntarily evaluation of their manufacturing processes and environmental commitments. The...

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Völkl Snowboards & Eco-friendly Products and Materials

At Völkl we work hard each day to make the world a little bit greener and a little better. Not only concerning our products, but we are also trying to handle our resources from within the company – we like to practice what we...

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New lacquering technique saves the environment nine tons of lacquer

At the beginning of the year, the technical director Helmut Jakoby proudly presented a new lacquering technique that has now proved of value.

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