Birk Ruud wins the World Cup Big Air in Copper Mountain, Sebastian Schjerve 3rd place

It was a history in the making when Birk Ruud won the World Cup Big Air in Copper Mountain. Claiming his 11th World Cup win to now have the most Freeski competition wins in World Cup history.

This was Birk Ruud's 3rd straight World Cup competition win in the 22/23 season.  He did so by landing a left double bio 1960 mute - a trick that has never been done in a World Cup competition.  We would also like to congratulate fellow team member Sebasitan Schjerve who took 3rd place and his first World Cup podium.  In the women's Kirsty Muir placed 5th. 

It was a great day for our team.

Men’s podium:

1 - Birk Ruud

2- Timothe Sivignon

3-Sebastisn Schjerve

5- Hunter Henderson


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