Markus Eder WINS FWT Habuka JAPAN, Maude Besse 2nd in the Women's

In the men's Markus Eder took first place with an impeccable run stomping a stylish flatspin 360 and a transfer air. Tanner Hall placed 2nd and Tom Peiffer 3rd. The conditions for the event could not have been better with powder landings for all the riders.

FWT newcomer Maude Besse from Switzerland skied a strong run and charged into a zone no one else had touched, stomping a technical line in the steepest part of the venue, she placed 2nd behind Arianna Tricomi. 


Markus Eder -  " Thank you Japan, thank you Freeride World Tour! After last year’s struggle we finally had a good start in Japan with perfect snow and crazy stacked field of riders, i’m super stoked!"



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