Rise Above 88 W

The first choice for demanding alpinist women in high elevated terrain, when ascents and descents are equally important.

Art-Nr.: 120376

Product Specifications

3D Radius Sidecut: R1=Tall Radius / R2=Center-Main Radius / R3=Tip Radius


Tip Rocker


Hybrid Tourlite Woodcore


P-Tex 2100

Recommended Binding

Marker Alpinist

Skiing Level

Intermediate, Advanced, Professional



Alpinism Performance

hard snow performance

long turn dynamics

short turn agility

skier level

Powder Performance

Rise Above 88 W

The new Rise Above 88 W is the most versatile ski in the new touring ski range with equal strentghs in both ascent and descent with a special women's design. The Hybrid Tourlite Woodcore provides an impressive combination of minimal weight (1190gr @ 170) and riding stability. The 3D radius sidecut provides a highly resistant tip which is especially useful when skiing in wind-blown snow conditions. The sidecut construction provides both agility as well as maneuverability in narrow passages. For ski tours with heavy loads the combination of a more narrow waist under the foot and moderate shaping in the tip and tail areas helps skiers to stay in control and requires less effort when changing direction.


The Rise Above 88 W also comes with Völkl's new Smart Skinclip which is available with Fibre Tech and Smart Glue skins.

Marker Alpinist 12

The ultra-light and durable touring pin binding for high alpine challenges with DIN settings up to 12.

The ultra-light pin binding (245 g w/o brake) offers active length compensation during ski flex and an impressive power transfer downhill due to a 38 mm drill pattern. The carbon-reinforced toe provides great stiffness and comes with anti-ice pads and integrated elastomers for easy stepping in. The heel features a climbing aid with 0°, 5° and 9° angle and allows super convenient switching between hike and ride mode.

3 Radius Sidecut

Three radii in one ski for maximum turning & speed versatility in all mountain skiing


Smart Skinclip

The newly developed Smart Skinclip system allows the ski tourer to decide for himself, depending on the situation, in...

The newly developed Smart Skinclip system allows the ski tourer to decide for himself, depending on the situation, in which direction he should pull the skin on and off. A standard snap hook at the tail end of the ski allows the skin to be attached and detached from behind. The skin can, however, also be pulled on and off quickly and easily from the front. This new flexibility is made possible by an elastic snap hook, which is also easy to grip with gloves. A subtle depression in the ski tip gives the hook lateral guidance and prevents it from unintentionally releasing the skin while walking.

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