• Where do I mount the binding on the ski?

    On most skis a recommended boot center line is indicated by the ski manufacturer. It is also possible to mount the binding in a position closer to the tip or the end of the ski. If the ski is mounted more to the tip, it will turn easier, if it is mounted towards the end, the ski will act more solid at high speed. In every case however, you must go to an authorized dealer to have it mounted in the correct way.

  • Which binding fits my ski?

    For our skis Racetiger, Code, RTM and Flair we use special bindings which are specially constructed for each ski. For our Flat Skis (Freeride, Freestyle, FIS-racing and Touring) we recommend you to check the marker website. There you can find a lot of bindings that fit our ski. You can also ask your local dealer for help, who you can find under ‚store locator‘

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