Justin Murisier


Very serious and demanding when practicing my sport, I also know how to relax and have fun!
I love riding my motorbike and discover new places to open my mind.
I do not appreciate those who do not respect speed limit!!!

I started skiing on Bruson's slopes at the age of 2. I immediately loved this sport and quickly realised that winning was fun. During my first years I was skiing in the "Ski Club Bagnes" under the wings of my first ski trainer, Alexandre Perraudin. After my selection to "Ski Valais" I was trained by Louis Borloz the next 4 seasons.

Then, former champion Steve Locher took over my training during my first FIS races and at 17 I entered the Swiss national C-team. Next step was brought up to me by my trainer, Ryan Baumann, who made me notice that the World Cup was not that far after all and since 2 years I now belong to the "World Cup group 4" where both my trainers, Steve Locher and Reto Schläppi, do an excellent job.


Date of birth
Home mountain
Living in Versegères but love skiing in Verbier
Giant Slalom, Super Combined, Slalom
Freeride,Motocross, trial, share pleasant moments with friends
Top results


4 Santa Caterina AC

6 St.Moritz World Championship AC

8 St.Moritz World Championship GS

8 Garmisch-Partnenkirchen GS



9 St.Moritz GS

10 Kranjska Gora GS

10 Kranjska Gora GS 


1. What age did you start skiing? 
2 Years
2. Favorite Place to ride
3. Ski destination where you haven’t been and would like to go?
4. Ski Hero/Role Model Growing up
Didier Cuche, Steve Locher
5. What do you do when you are not skiing?
6. Motto/Words you live by
Daniel Yule for president! ;-)

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