What is UVO.3D?

Ultimate Vibration Object 3D

UVO.3D is the improvement of the successful UVO technology. It is the first freely rotating, vibration damper to apply cutting-edge vibration dampening technology to minimizing disruptive ski vibration.

The terrain or surface below the ski inevitably generates vibrations, which in turn set the shovel in particular into motion in all directions. This significantly disrupts the smoothness of the ski-ride, and makes it harder to hold an edge.

The revolutionary UVO technology counteracts this, with proven dampening or reduction of vibrations in the horizontal and vertical directions as well as along the length of the ski. The ride becomes smoother and the edge grip improves.

horizontal damping function

// building up tip pressure earlier
// rapid inclination invites the skier to move fast further inside

vertical damping function

// significantly reduced vibration amplitudes
// a new level of reliability at extreme edge angles

Vibration Reduction with UVO

Movement of the shovel along the Z axis

(vertical: up/down along the direction of travel)
Stabilization of the shovel at high speeds and on bumpy surfaces

Movement of the shovel along the Y axis

(horizontal: left/right along the direction of travel)
Less „chatter“ on hard surfaces

Torsion along the X axis (length of the skis)

Reduction of shovel deformation (torsion), more direct power transfer that reduces losses and quicker, more reliable turn initiation

Short Cuts

1. UVO means greater agility for the ski
2. Quieter ride and improved control
3. Reduced exertion
4. Greater performance through the unique 3D dampening
5. Greater agility and quicker reaction through the unbound system and lower overall weight

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