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Our latest model is still under wraps but this is what we can tell you already: These skis are built for the steepest conditions. If you consider yourself an all-mountain-racer this one's definitely for you!

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The prize: one pair of Völkl skis with Marker bindings.
You'll receive the ski in its original design (not the wrapped #whattheski version shown on this site).

Völkl Whattheski Contest 2017

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For Allmountain Racers only

These skis are built for the steepest conditions: the steeper the better. We can't show you their real name and design yet, but they are AGILE, VARIABLE and RELIABLE. And they're a lot of fun!

 *Similar to illustration


The next level of confidence to explore the limits of turns and edge angles


The next level of confidence into speed control even in steepest terrain


The next level of confidence even in toughest snow conditions


We asked all-mountain-racers from all around the world to hit the slopes with the new model.
#whattheski #thesteeperthebetter

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