Völkl cares!

As winter sports enthusiasts, we’re more dependent on the preservation of our global eco system than ever before.To retain the white gold in our mountains, it’s not enough to make a couple of products “eco friendly”. Genuine ecologic production requires sustainability in the whole of the company, from production to sales.

Völkl has taken this to heart a long time ago and has continuously evolved their efforts in all areas ever since. This includes everything from choice of raw materials and resources, to their treatment and manufacturing, up to the employees in organization, development and distribution.

Environmental awareness” includes a lot more than augmenting the range with some prime examples for
eco friendliness”.  

This starts with production and manufacturing, where pollution and output of toxins as well as use of other noxious substances are steadily reduced. As far as possible, harming materials such as plastics and solvents are replaced by recycled products or organic alternatives. And with their social commitment towards humanity, it comes full circle. All Völkl employes have various options to improve their work-life-balance through the Völkl Moves program and a number of charity projects are supported by the company and the team as well. 

Hence the products created aren’t only progressive and innovative, but at the same time socially viable, conscious and future-proof. 

For example:

❅ edges from recycled steel
❅ recycled base materials
❅ prints with water based colours
❅ wood cores from sustainable forestry
❅ pollutant-reduced production & manufacturing - e.g. no overspray
❅ minimized use of resins and other toxins
❅ minimized water use & recycling in factories
❅ optimized packing with eco-friendly materials
❅ chlorine free wood & paper
❅ ISO energy efficiency standard  
❅ Eco Responsibility Awards, amongst other for the ECO Rental Project
❅ Eurosima Award for Ecological Innovation
❅ Softgoods & Apparel following Global Organic Textile standards  
❅ “Völkl Moves” program offering gym memberships, wellness/spa days, ski & snowboard tuition, day tours, sledding trips and much more
❅ various charity events

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