Best combination of weight and sportive potential

It‘s been a long-held target of ours to create performance-oriented skis for demanding skiers of every age that are nevertheless built to be forgiving and to reduce exertion. This would let skiers get a longer, more relaxed day on the prepared trails and the steeps. Less effort – more performance!

Real initial progress came with an update of the existing  inline models combined with an optimized flex, reduced weight and weight optimized binding systems.

EFFICIENCY has moved into series production as its own lightweight/performance construction technology. The models score due to their noticeably reduced weight and lighter turning performance, achieved without robbing the ski of its characteristic on-snow feel and dynamism. All models require less energy from the skier and help offset tiredness – extending the ski day the right way.

 // weight optimized (approx. 12% less)

// weight optimized woodcores

// weight optimized binding systems

// lively ski flex

// improved economy of energy

// provides the most energy saving access to sportive skiing

// facilitated access to a clearly defined and well established identity / skiing character (Slalom Carver or All Mtn)

 // comfort & easy handling

// less demanding – full sportiness

Products with this technology

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