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Völkl's Racetiger connects generations

From "Renntiger" to "Racetiger", from one generation to the next: since 1970, the Völkl Racetiger has stood for Image, Innovation & Tradition - a revolutionary ski design with its legendary zebra pattern and a success story that still resonates today, recognized by racers of all ages. In 2020, this iconic design tells a brand-new story. A story in which the ski legend meets athletic legends and tomorrow's up-and-coming stars. 


Francesco Rocca, son of Völkl racing legend Giorgio Rocca (IT)
testing extensively the new SL R JR.

Völkl engineer Johannes Kurzbeck
briefing the team for the XXL ski test.

Laura Pranger, daughter of former World Cup legend Manfred Pranger (AUS), during the endurance test of the new SL R JR.

Enter former Italian World Cup ski racer, Giorgio Rocca, World Cup bronze medal winner in slalom, and skiing legend Manfred Pranger, slalom world champion from 2009, and their children Francesco and Giaccomo Rocca along with Mario and Laura Pranger, who were all involved in the process of developing the new Racetiger SL R Junior.

They tested one of the final stages of development of the new junior ski together under real training conditions in Livigno, Italy. Their feedback and the experience and observations of their legendary parents were given directly to the Völkl engineers on location, and flowed straight into the final product. This put the "icing on the cake" in terms of finishing touches.

Manfred Pranger, slalom world champion from 2009 with Mario and Laura Pranger

Former Italian World Cup ski racer, Giorgio Rocca, World Cup bronze medal winner in slalom, with his kids Francesco and Giaccomo Rocca

THE NEW Racetiger SL R Junior

Völkl has always been actively involved in working with young talents and places great emphasis on fostering them. Even when it comes to the development of new products for junior racing, the younger generation plays a decisive, leading role. It is in our aim to involve these young talents in the development process and work with them to create skis that perform on the race course.
The development of a ski is a lengthy process that goes through many stages. Each person involved brings different ideas and expectations into the process that need to be taken into account.

"Racetiger - The Next Generation" sums up how we have taken a unique turn in the development of the new Racetiger SL R Junior. By bringing former Völkl World Cup athletes, their children who are themselves racers, Völkl's engineers, and the product management team together, the first part of an amazing story came about - a story that is far from over.

Racetiger SL Junior

122 (7), 129 (9) (JR Plate S)

136 (10) (JR Plate L)

143 (10), 150 (12) (JR Plate L)

Full Sidewall ABS, Torsional Soft Tip,
Powered by Titanium, Speedwall Woodcore beech/poplar


Marker’s new X-Comp 12 Binding

New Race plate

A completely new ski body was developed for the new Racetiger Junior. New sidecuts provide more support for turn initiation. Each length was also individually tailored to the different levels of development in terms of the children's weight and skiing skills. In each case two children of different sizes and with very good or average skiing skills tested the individual lengths. This allowed each ski to be individually designed in terms of construction, so that it works for both strong and not-so-strong skiers. Although the same materials were used for all constructions, each length differs in terms of the thickness, quantity and proportion of material used.

In addition, the new setup combines three key technologies: Torsionally Soft Tip Technology, Marker’s new X-Comp 12 Binding, and a new race plate. The first of these provides direct, accurate and reliable ski tip response for easy turn initiation and greater agility. The modified hole pattern in the toe piece of the X-Comp binding (reduced from four to three screws) makes the ski more forgiving and allows for more forgiving, gradual turn entry. In addition, the Race Interface Plate provides an even flex and harmonious grip while providing direct edge response and power transmission.

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