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Nordkette Innsbruck
If you don’t try it you won’t know if it works
Freeride / Freestyle
Surf, and many other Sports
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Olympian 2014

3x Freeskeir of the Year


1. Ski Volkl préféré
BMT 122
2. Pourquoi utilises-tu ce ski?
The BMT122 is one of my favorite skis. I can go on tour with it, ride on slope and it is especially good in powder, I can really accelerate. Because it is so light, it also makes tricks in the power really fun. The ski is just great for my riding.
3. Pourquoi aimes-tu ce ski?
Because it works for everything
4. Pourquoi aimes-tu faire partie du team Völkl ?
Because i know all the Athletes which are Badass and the products are great!
5. À quelle âge as-tu commencé à skier?
By the Age of 3

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