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A skin fastening system that is magnificent in its simplicity: perfect fixation and easy to use; full functionality without unnecessary bells and whistles.

The skin is attached by inserting its pin through a shaped hole in the shovel of the ski. The skin is then rotated 90° to lock it in place. Once rotated the skin fixation is 100% reliably secured. The system can be monitored by the skier from above at any time to provide visual peace of mind. The hole in the tip of the ski is also helpful for building a rescue toboggan in an emergency.


Each Völkl skin is cut accurately to the respective touring ski model.

To affix the skin, simply push the SKIN PIN through the hole from below.

To lock the skin in place, simply rotate the SKIN PIN and Völkl skin by 90°. The skin can then be precisely aligned and adhered to the ski base.