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The most modern, high-performance sidewall/woodcore combination in the history of skiing. 

In ski racing, the line between victory and defeat is measured in hundredths of seconds. We develop our race skis with that precise measurement of difference and distinction consciously in mind. For the season 2014/15 instead of taking the sidewalls and woodcores as two distinct construction elements, we merged the two components into a unique element refered to our Perfect Setup philosophy.

The result is a brand new SPEEDWALL MULTILAYER WOODCORE where the side wall is laminated to extremely stable layers of wood on the sides of the sandwich core. In combination with a more flexible, lighter wood built into the center of the sandwich core construction provides numerous advantages:

/// The hardwood part immediately adjacent to the sidewall effects a higher power transmission, improves the edge grip and supports the edge against external forces

/// The low weight of the softwood part in the middle of the ski brings more agility and maneuverability and reduces overall ski weight

/// The combination of both wood types running through the entire ski length contributes to an optimal distribution of the ski stiffness increasing the steering precision

SPEEDWALL MULTILAYER WOODCORE is thus the first and only sidewall/core technology intended for aggressive on-piste and racing use and capable of delivering the victory and defeat, even if it is measured in hundredths of seconds.