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Vibration Reduction with UVO

1. Movement of the shovel along the Z axis
1. Movement of the shovel along the Z axis (vertical: up/down along the direction of travel): Stabilization of the shovel at high speeds and on choppy surfaces
2. Movement of the shovel along the Y axis
2. Movement of the shovel along the Y axis (horizontal: left/right along the direction of travel)
3. Movement of the shovel along the X axis
Less “chatter” on hard surfaces

UVO - Ultimate Vibration Object

The revolution for the perfect setup




// Greater agility
// Quieter ride and improved control
// Reduced exertion

UVO (Ultimate Vibration Object) is the first application of free-floating, 360° vibration absorbing technology to minimize disruptive ski vibration. Vibration inherently arises when skis interact with undulating terrain. The ski’s shovel in particular is set in motion in all directions—not just along its axis. UVO technology delivers proven reduction of these vibrations, delivering a quieter, more stable and precise ride.

The result:

// greater performance through the unique 3D dampening
// greater agility and quicker reaction through the unbound system and lower overall weight

The UVO technology is the magic ingredient for the ‘perfect setup.’ It allows us to construct skis that are lighter than previous models yet simultaneously delivering significantly improved edge grip and stability.
Regardless of their experience level, all skiers can benefit from the new 360° UVO: Aggressive skiers will enjoy the added agility, improved edge grip and quieter ride, while leisure skiers will appreciate not having to exert as much energy to control the ski.



General technical function

The revolutionary UVO technology utilizes the same underlying principles as a vibration damper. The strategically positioned floating mass reacts to vibrations and counteracts them by moving in the opposite direction of the vibration, thus reducing the impact of the vibrations to the ski. Similar systems can be found in a variety of areas, including industry and architecture, where they are used to dampen the influence of wind and earthquakes on high-rise buildings and bridges. Vibration dampers are integrated into critical portions of the construction to stabilize the structure. The building itself does not need to be built as structurally compact, allowing for lighter weight constructions with increased stability and function.

Use of the technology in skis

UVO dampens disruptive vibrations that constantly emerge as a result of varied terrain and uneven ground. The free-floating mass of the UVO follows the ski’s vibrations and counteracts them effectively. Because the greatest amplification of vibration occurs in the ski’s shovel, the UVO is positioned close to the ski’s tip for more effective minimization of the vibration phase. 3D dampening means that jolts and vibrations are handled from all directions (360°).

The result: the ski’s edge contacts the snow surface for a longer period and interruptions are minimized. The ski then holds edge grip more effectively. The ski does not lose any liveliness since the UVO technology has its own completely free-floating mass. This differs from previous systems, which were attached to the ski at a fixed point and thus functioned solely along the Z axis (along the direction of travel and ski’s length). Another even more important benefit of UVO technology is the fact that ski and binding can be produced in an even more lightweight version, which promotes greater performance and agility.




Perfect Setup

All Völkl skis are generally engineered and constructed based on the “Perfect Setup” concept. Our philosophy is not just to change the individual components on the ski but rather to harmonize all aspects of the ski to produce the greatest overall performance.

Dampening system

The UVO is relatively small and lightweight yet the system offers outstanding dampening performance. It achieves this because it has been placed at precisely the critical location, as determined through meticulous calculations and testing.


The stabilizing effect of the UVO creates new possibilities for weight optimization as the UVO allows the ski to be built for high stability without design effects that promote rigidity. The result is a ski that is more athletic, turn-happy and dynamic on the snow even while requiring less exertion. In comparison to previous models, the new Racetiger RC, SC & CODE UVO with their new ski bodies and X Motion bindings are approx. 200g lighter (compared with our predecessor models). And this despite the wider ski geometry!

X Motion binding

The completely redeveloped binding system from Marker offer more than just light weight, it’s also built wider and shorter than its predecessor, which promotes better ski flex and also ensures optimal power transfer to the new, broader ski body.


The new geometry (122_74_104 Code, 119_71_101 RC, 122_72_105 SC) increases the versatility of the ski with greater dynamic performance on the snow and compatibility with a greater range of terrain. The RC is engineered to prefer longer turns while our new SC is oriented toward shorter turns.

Rocker construction

The new tip rocker and tip & tail rocker profiles make wider but more versatile skis significantly easier in their handling characteristics.


The stabilizing effect of the UVO allows for a softer overall flex. The customer benefits through the ski’s livelier, more versatile on-snow performance.


The new combination of sidewalls with an added mini-cap ensures better power transfer and improved protection for the top edge.


New: The Full Sensor Woodcore combines optimal liveliness and energy with a smooth flex and durability. The high-quality materials composition and unique processing ensures long-lasting dynamic performance.