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We offer a range of VACUUM skins to supplement our classic collection of skins. They work with a high-quality multilayer construction, with each layer building on the work of the previous one.

Layer 1 / Skin surface
The skin comprises a mohair (65%)/nylon (35%) mix that offers both exceptional grip and gliding. A fluorocarbon treatment inhibits snow from caking on!

Layer 2 / Middle layer
A waterproof film prevents moisture from penetrating through to the adhesive surface.

Layer  3 / Base layer
The highly durable base layer is 65% polyester, 35% cotton and is not susceptible to stretching or crimping — a solid foundation for the sandwich construction.

Layer 4 / Adhesive surface
This revolutionary adhesive surface features a unique surface that produces a vacuum when installed, clinging tightly to the base.  

The BENEFITS of Vacuum skins
The many benefits of this technology over traditional skins speaks clearly to the value of the new VACUUM skins:

1.     No need for adhesives
2.     The vacuum surface is highly durable
3.     The adhesive surface can be cleaned as often as desired without losing its gripping power
4.     Significantly easier to remove if the adhesive surfaces are touching
5.     No dividing film or meshes required — simply roll the skin up
6.     The construction is non silicon-based, and thus UV stable
7.     Absolutely harmless with environmentally friendly materials