Birk Ruud


Active boy motivated by creativity and progression. Living right outside of Oslo.


Data di nascita
Località sciistica di provenienza
Play every day
Big Air, slopestyle & halfpipe
cliff diving, trampoline, fashion and jewelry
Migliori risultati

1st place X Games Oslo 2018


1. Sci Völkl preferito
Revolt 86 & Revolt 87
2. Wofür benutzt Du diese Ski?
Mainly everything a park can offer
3. Perchè ti piace questo sci?
perfect flexibility and perfect for a playday on the mountain - works for pipe, big air and slopestyle, so they work for all my needs
4. Perchè ti piacerebbe essere parte del team Völkl?
they have the best ski's and the team is very strong - I also see Volkl as a very loyal and credible partner to have for many years.
5. Per quanto tempo hai sciato con Völkl?
I am fresh on the team but I love the product already from day one in Australia this year.

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