Sebi Geiger


I've been skiing with Sebi since a few years now and he's a guy I look up to. Sebi is a very talented skier, from handrails to pillow lines he's able to do everything. In my opinion he's a rising top skier who will be able to represent Europe in big comps in the US. But Sebi isn't only doing comps, he also got some nice shots in Legs of Steel's "Nothing Else Matters" and in aestivation's "lifelong". All in all you should keep this name in mind for the future! - Lucas Mangold


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Motorcycles, BMX, Skate, Hikes
Migliori risultati

10th FIS Big Air Worldcup Moenchengladbach,

Invitation Red Bull Linecatcher, 

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1. Sci Völkl preferito
The Revolt 95
2. Wofür benutzt Du diese Ski?
It´s a nice ski for everything
3. Perchè ti piace questo sci?
I love the design of it
4. Perchè ti piacerebbe essere parte del team Völkl?
They have a really cool team and great products. No matter what you need, Völkl has the perfect setup.
5. Per quanto tempo hai sciato con Völkl?
I think about 5 years

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