Hunter Hess


I was born and raised in Bend Oregon. I grew up not really liking skiing. I was really into soccer. I first started racing. My mom would make me go. She thought it was important of me to participate in other sports, not just soccer. I really didn't like ski racing. I had more fun skiing to the ski race than actually competing. I eventually got into freestyle skiing from a friend and fell for it. From there on I never stopped skiing. I started to compete right away. I was put on the U.S. ski team in 2016. I now just compete in pipe and just filmed my first video part this year. 


United States
Località sciistica di provenienza
Mt. Bachelor
Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do, long after the mood, you said it in, has left you.
Skateboarding and surfing
Migliori risultati

3rd place China World Cup, 4th place Calgary World cup, 1st place Dew Tour team challenge VOLKL 


1. Sci Völkl preferito
The Revolt 95
2. Wofür benutzt Du diese Ski?
Slushy park days, Big Jumps, Pipe, even pow
3. Perchè ti piace questo sci?
It’s the best all around ski I have ever ridden. Hands down. The ski can handle everything and anything. It's a super controllable ski that makes you feel powerful. 
4. Perchè ti piacerebbe essere parte del team Völkl?
Volkl has the best team of riders. From Pipe & Park to big mountain and racing. It just shows Volkl makes the best skis no matter what you ride.
5. Per quanto tempo hai sciato con Völkl?
Since 2014

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