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Großglockner- "Nationalpark Hohe Tauern"
skiing and mountaineering are my passion and my job. If i have time, I´m also on ice and rocks
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state certified mountain and ski guide / operations manager for mountain rescue in Kals am Großglockner


1. Ulubione narty Völkl
BMT 90 and Mantra 102
2. Dlaczego lubisz te narty?
I take the BMT for all kinds of tours and sometimes also for freeriding. The Mantra i mainly use for freeriding and slopes.
3. Dlaczego lubisz być częścią zespołu Völkl?
Völkl always had a excellent reputation among skiers. It is simply top material. Thats why I#m proud to be a part of this.
4. Jak długo jeździsz dla Völkl?
Since this year again. I was on it before, but then I switched to a different brand. But that didn`t fit at all. Nobody can match the MDV material
5. W jakim wieku zacząłeś (aś) jeździć na nartach? 
At the age of 4 years, on a steep slope behind our house

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