Boris Langenstein


I started skiing very young in the most amazing place in the world, the "Vallons de la Meije".

I fall in love with that summit and that's where i started dreaming about steep skiing and alpinism.

I became high mountain guide and i'm living for my passion: faraway expeditions.

As soon as i can, i travel to discover wild mountains, always looking for even more esthetic and pure lines.

My love for skiing and mountain is insatiable, i dream about skiing on all mountains of the world


Dátum narodenia
Domáce stredisko
Val D'Isere
Ski Mountaineering
Travelling, discovering new places, cultures and ofcourse mountains


1. Obľúbené Völkl lyže
BMT 90
2. Kde používaš tieto lyže?
All around good ski, I use this ski daily. Shorter version 170cm is particularly good for steep skiing.
3. Čo sa ti na lyžiach páči?
The shape of the ski gives an exceptional edge grip making it a good choice for steeper terrain and quick turns.
4. Ako sa ti páči byť súčasťou Völkl rodiny?
I have always skiied with Volkl skis. They are the best skis I've experienced thus far.
5. Od kedy jazdíš za Völkl?
since 2015

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