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Matic Gobec

Matic Gobec




Tits – easier to pronounce my name for those who don’t speak Slovenian




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Staying healthy without season-ending injuries

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Dole, Slovenia - Whistler BC in winter


Outdoor sports, photography, geography, music, learning something new every day

It’s not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years. I don’t take anything for granted and I love living my life to the fullest! I am a skier, a freeride coach and geographer from Slovenia, lately spending winters in Whistler BC. Thanks to my dad I’ve been standing on two planks since I remember. I improved my ski technique through alpine racing, eventually got bored of hitting gates, jumped to “the dark side” and never looked back. Skiing brings joy to my life and gives me freedom to express myself. I live with awe of the beautiful mountains although I take a lot of risks at the same time. I am passionate about challenging myself as much physically as mentally and passing on the knowledge to the younger generations.

What is your favorite ski in the Collection?

Shiro 193

Why you like this ski?

Stiff and playful at the same time, really stable at higher speeds

What conditions do you use this ski for?

All of them! Ice, hard pack, powder, slush - you name it

What other skis in the collection do you ride?

BMT 109 186

Can you tell us a little about each pair of skis, and about what sort of conditions you use them for?

I use BMT 109 for backcountry touring. It is essential to have a pair of light skis for those long days in the mountains

What about bindings? What bindings do you use? And where do you mount them?

Jester 18 PRO and Kingpin, few cm back from true center

What DIN do you have your bindings on?

Jester 18 PRO - 14, Kingpin - 13


Favorite skier: Too many to count them all. Probably Kye Peterson right now

Ski hero growing up: Jure Košir (Alpine Racer)

Home mountain: Whistler Blackcomb  

Height: 179 cm

Ideal day in the mountains: Bluebird powder day in the backcountry away from the masses with a friend or two

How would you describe your style: I grew up racing, I guess that defines my style in one way, with some freestyle moves here and there

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career: Everything changed when I watched ski movie Push and did my first backflip. That was pretty cool

Favorite place to ride: Steep and deep

Best snow trip: All of them were something special, but nothing beats skiing powder at night with northern lights in the background

What age did you start to ski: Two and a half

What cant you live without: Skiing, active lifestyle, family and friends

Favorite phone App: Instagram

Goals and plans: Stay healthy, fit and involved with skiing for the rest of my life