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Stefan Häfele

Stefan Häfele









Top results

No competition skiing anymore / Mogul world cup skier in the 90`s:
1991-92 Winner of the overal European Cup an diverse top three classifications
1992-96 Member of the Austrian National-Mogul-Ski-Team
- diverse Top 10 Classifications
- Participation at the World-Champion-Ships in Altenmarkt / Zauchensee (AUT) in 1993
- 3 times Austrian Champion

Date of birth







Mountain-Sports, Cars, Real Estates


no motto – just trying to have a good time

Stefan Häfele

Stefan grew up with his brother Alex in a small village in tirol/Austria. He started skiing with the age of 2 years, learning it from his father who was a skiing instructor. There was only one lift which was really exciting for the youngsters, especially because there was a nice forest which a good possibilities to get some first freeskiing experiences.

After racing a few years Stefan took part at a mogul-skiing course at the age of 15. He immediately fell in love with this spot and so he started his carreer in mogul-skiing. After being quite successful in national races he did European Cups. In 1992 he won the overall-european championship and after this he participated in the world-cup tour for the next few years with diverse top ten classification. In 1993 Stefan finished his professional skiing.

During all that time Stefan always loved freeskiing already and this hasn`t changed until today. And as it looks like it will keep like for the next decades. So he is looking forward to spend a lot of nice and crazy time together with his brother and his friends on big mountains all over the world!

What is your favorite ski in the Collection?


Why you like this ski?

This ski works in nearly all conditions perfectly and has no problems with speed

What conditions do you use this ski for?

All conditions 

What other skis in the collection do you ride?

Kuro, Racetiger GS Speedwall

Can you tell us a little about each pair of skis, and about what sort of conditions you use them for?

Kuro - Deep powder

Racetiger GS Speedwall- Slopes

What about bindings? What bindings do you use? And where do you mount them?

Katana: Marker Jester pro 18, mounted in the middle of the ski

Racetiger GS Speedwall: R-Motion

What DIN do you have your bindings on?



Ski hero growing up: Franz Klammer (Austrian Downhiller)

Home mountain: loving Tirol Italy

Height: 189 cm

Ideal day in the mountains: Sun or big snowfall with a lot of POWDER and steep slopes

How would you describe your style: Just amazing – you have to see it 

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career. During the time I did competitions in mogul skiing it was the winning of the overall European championships in 1992 an the participation at the world championships in Altenmarkt / Zauchensee in 1993

Favorite place to ride: Arlberg and Ischgl in Austria and the Dolomites in Italy

Best snow trip: One of them was in 2009 a Heli Trip to Kamchatka / Russia

What age did you start to ski: with 2 years of age

What cant you live without: mountains / skiing

Favorite phone App. World View and Shazam

Goals and plans: Looking forward to the birth of my 1st son in august J Doing a view further really cool ski-trips around the world