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Sam Smoothy

Sam Smoothy









Top results

Winner Freeride World Tour - Andorra
5th Overall 2015 FWT
2nd overall Freeride World Tour 2014
1st Freeride World Tour Fieberbrunn 2014
3rd at Snowbird FWT 2014
Winner World Helichallenge 2013/2011
Winning Freeride World Tour Chamonix 2012
2nd Freeride World Tour Courmayeur 2012
3rd Freeride World Tour Roldal 2012
4th Overall Freeride World Tour 2012
Winning the 2010 Engadin Snow Invitational Freeride and qualifying for the 2011 Freeride World Tour.

Date of birth



New Zealand


Wanaka, new zealand


Surfing, Rock Climbing, Writing


Everything in moderation. Including moderation.



About Sam Smoothy

The 29-year-old from New Zealand is already one of the biggest names in the Freeride circuit. He has been competing on the Freeride World Tour since 2011 and has claimed many podium spots since then including two victories in Chamonix 2012 and Fieberbrunn 2014, finishing fourth overall on the FWT 2012 and runner-up in 2014 and 3rd at Andorra in 2015. But Sam Smoothy is much more than a competition skier. He is filming for elite ski movie production like Legs of Steel and is a guest writer for various ski magazines around the globe.

He has recently been getting more into rock climbing, with some ice climbing and getting more into ski mountaineering but with a more freeride approach to skiing lines fast.

Besides skiing Sam Smoothy loves surfing, but he mainly has to do this in the chilly waves of the New Zealand winter, since he rarely spends the Southern Hemisphere summers in his hometown Wanaka. Instead, he is chasing the powder all around the world and preferably in the European Alps, where he has adopted Verbier as a second hometown. No wonder Sam Smoothy has developed an outstanding skiing style that fully lives up to his last name.




What is your favorite ski in the Collection?


Why do you like this ski?

I mainly ski the shiro at 193 most days in Europe and the 183 back home in NZ. I LOVE the Shiro because of its ability to retain stability with a large amount of float in soft snow.

What conditions do you use this ski for?

Its flex also allows me to charge it through the mank when conditions aren't stellar. The confidence I have in the 193 allows me to hit cliffs faster and know I can hold that landing.

What other skis in the collection do you ride?

BMT 109 and 122 with a kingpin for my ski mountaineering trips, where I find its light weight super helpful to keep my going on the big days while still having a really solid ski to rip freeride lines on.

I also use the 186 Two for more backcountry freestyle runs when I need a more playful ski for these new fangled freestyle maneuvers as its float and flex are epic for landing switch an spinning tricks off cliffs an backcountry kickers, super fun in the trees as well. I now have a 186 gotama as my park ski as I find it a good mix between the weight of my freeride skis and the trickability of a park ski, so its great for me to practise my tricks in the park on something kinda like my shiro or two. 

What about bindings? What bindings do you use? And where do you mount them?

I use the jester pro on my Shiros, mounted at plus 5 on the 183 and plus 6 on the 193, I like a little extra tail for landing flatter airs and a little less weight in the nose. A jester pro also on my 186 Two mounted 2cm back from true centre and a regular Jester true centre mount on my Gotama. 

What DIN do you have your bindings on?

My shiros I roll on 17 din to keep them only coming off when they really have too and my other skis generally sit on 15/16.


Favorite skier: Seth Morrison

Ski hero growing up: Seth Morrison

Home mountain: Treble Cone, NZ

Height: 183cm

Ideal day in the mountains: Just being out with some of my closest ski buds ripping some fun pow lines, nothing serious just good times an grand banter. Then a few wind down beers in the sun over a good feed.

How would you describe your style: A confounding mix of hard and fast with some flashy funk in the middle.

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career.

Being the first ski male on the FWT to take 3 straight podiums including a win in Chamonix and leading the tour for most of the winter before finishing 4th. I think thats when the ski industry took notice that I wasn't kidding around.

Best snow trip: First trip filming to Japan, sooo much snow, just me and two mates and a classic amount of bad decisions and uselessness creating a hilarious time.

What age did you start to ski:2

What cant you live without: Skiing.

Favorite phone App. Google Maps to keep me on the right road to the next destination.

Goals and plans: 

Ski hard and fast and enjoy this life I'm lucky to live. Keep pushing hard on the FWT for the overall victory, film a ridiculous section for Legs of Steel this winter in NZ and Europe and get myself back to Alaska to send it harder than ever.