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Lisa Blomqvist

Lisa Blomqvist




Racetiger Speedwall GS



Top results

National Championship SL 3rd
National Championship GS 11th
National Championship SG 2nd
National Championship AC 2snd
European Cup 2x5th

JWC gold CE, JWC silver SC, 3:rd place european cup CE, NC gold in GS 2014

Date of birth

02. January 1994



1. What's your favorite Alpine Ski resort?

For sure Tärnaby Hemavan in Sweden. I spent many of my first years on skies there and it’s always a special feeling to go back and ski there.

2. What was the best moment in your career?

So far I think it was my first place on Troféo Topolino in GS when I was 14. It was my first real race outside Sweden and everything was so different compared to home. I was so happy and chocked to win the race.

3. An athlete you admire:

I have many athletes that I admire, but one of my favorite athletes is the swedish swimmer Anders Olsson. He had a dream of being the best swimmer in the world, but got his dream crushed when he got back problems and lost his feeling in his legs. But he didn’t give up and turned into the best swimmer paralyzed from the waist and down. I think he is a true fighter and a living proof that nothing is impossible.

4. A word/sentence/phrase you often say?

”Tjäääna” (Swedish and means ”hello” in a little cooler way)

5. Favorite meal

Swedish moose-steak with potatoes, cream sauce and blackcurrant-jelly. Mmmm…

6. Your favorite song you sing in the shower…

Bob Dylans ”The Times They Are a- Changin” is a song that’s on constant repeat when I take a shower.

7. If you´d be a bird, where would you fly to?

I would fly as high as I could, to see as much as possible, and to be closer to the ones who are not among us anymore.

8. As a child I always wanted…

to be better than my older brothers and to have a dog. I still don’t have a dog.

9. Describe yourself in one sentence:

A happy, kind girl with a strong will who hates unfairness and to loose.

10. For the future I hope…

that I can look back on an amazing skiing career.