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Scott Kneller

Scott Kneller








Ski Cross

Top results

1st 2010 World Cup San Candido Italy.
7th 2010 Olympic Winter Games

Date of birth





Jindabyne NSW




“if your not first your last”



Scott Kneller from Jindabyne New South Wales is just 22y years old, yet has already made a name for himself in the sport of Ski Cross.

At the tender age of just three years old, Scott put on skis for the first time and never looked back. Living in Jindabyne provided almost daily access to the snowfields during the winter months and so began his passion for skiing. He raced alpine as a junior and at the age of 19 made the switch to Ski Cross in pursuit of representing Australia in the Olympics. Less than two years after his first ski cross race, Scott made his debut in the 2010 Olympics Winter Games where he finished 7th. He then became the first Australian to win a World Cup in San Candido Italy later that year. During the off-season, Scott resides in Sydney where he is studying a bachelor of civil engineering/commerce.


What is your favorite ski in the Collection?

Volkl Gotama

Why do you like this ski?

Great ski for all conditions. The slight reverse camper allows for a shorter radius turn that floats above the pow.

What conditions do you use this ski for?

Everything, its particularly good for tearing through crud

What other skis in the collection do you ride?

I race on the Volkl Race tiger

Can you tell us a little about each pair of skis, and about what sort of conditions you use them for?

The race tiger are my go to ski. Its obviously ideal for racing but for just cruising around the groomed runs I wouldn’t consider anything else. The ski has so much power in its release and flows effortlessly from turn to turn. Its an unbelievable ski

What about bindings? What bindings do you use? And where do you mount them?

My race skis are mounted with the comp 30 EPS, which are mounted at factory centre.

What DIN do you have your bindings on?



Home mountain: Thredbo

Height: 181cm

Favorite skier: Chris Delbosco

Ski hero growing up: Daron Rahlves

Ideal day in the mountains: Camping, back country riding, perfect conditions and great company.

How would you describe your style: Backseat

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career. 7th at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

Favorite place to ride: Thredbo

Best snow trip: Back country trip to Blue Lake (situated near Australia’s Mt Kosciusko). Without a doubt the best skiing in Australia

What age did you start to ski: 3

What cant you live without: My passport

Favorite phone App. Words with friends

Goals and plans: I’ll be competing on the World Cup Ski Cross circuit for the next two years in my lead up to the 2014 Sochi games