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10 questions with Eva-Maria Brem

Name: Eva-Maria Brem

Nationality: AUT

Home base: Münster, Tirol

Age: 27



1.   Piste, park or powder?


Riding a skidoo up to the groomed trails, right at sunrise before the lifts open and the tourists take over.



2.   Your favorite Völkl ski?


Racetiger and, in my free time, NUKKA for ski touring.




3.   What do you take along on the hill?


I've always got a little something to munch on ;-).




4.   How did you get into skiing?


My big brother was constantly training for skiing, and I always wanted to do whatever he did.




5.   What band is playing on your iPod right now?


Right now a lot of WANDA.




6.   When you're not skiing, then...?


I try to soak up as much summer as possible.




7.   What are you really bad at?


Putting together Ikea furniture – impossible ;-).




8.   Best day ever?


World Cup win in Aspen.




9.   Bacon BBQ burger or a fresh salad?


First salad for a couple of days, then a burger, than salad again afterward to ease my guilty conscience.



10. Party hard or a bottle of red wine with a friend?


If you're going to bother, than party hard.